Play any classic light gun game using original hardware on modern TVs. Light­GunVerter is the universal light gun converter.

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About the Light­GunVerter

Light gun games don't work on modern TVs. Until now!

Old TVs worked in a completely different way to modern flat screen TVs and so almost all retro light gun games are no longer playable unless you also have a massive old CRT TV hanging around. Classics such as Duck Hunt, Virtua Cop, Time Crisis etc are not playable anymore.

The Light­GunVerter can provide a solution to this!

This is done by merging two eras of video game technology. The Light­GunVerter provide can provide an interface between a Wiimote and a retro gaming system. The Wiimote provides the positional information needed and the Light­GunVerter tricks the console into thinking it's pointing at a spot on an old school TV. The games work great again and look better than ever on a big screen TV.

As this device is mimicking the output of an old TV this is a truly universal solution, working with every light gun system so far tested (including NES, Master System, Saturn, PSX, PS2, Dreamcast and even arcade machines). Only requirement is the system has composite video output (normally a yellow plug). This is easy to get from most retro systems.

Light­GunVerter is not endorsed or licenced by any game company or system manufacturer. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Two Great Ways To Play

Wii Style

The easiest way to setup and play. With the right cable you can plug the Light­GunVerter directly into your console of choice. With this set up you can play classic light gun games using only a Wiimote.

Experience amazing retro light gun games as if they were Wii games with a pointer.

NES, Master System and Saturn cables available now and lots more cables planned for the future!


If you want a more authentic experience choose the Universal Cable. By placing one end into the barrel of your light gun and securing a Wiimote to it you get the full retro experience.

All real hardware as the game was intended.

The Universal Cable should work with any light gun for any system as it just mimics the output of an old CRT TV. How to attach to original gun is left up to the user.