Universal Solution

The Light­GunVerter has been tested and found to work with the following systems but should work with anything

NES / Famicom
Master System
Playstation 2
Lethal Enforcers (Arcade)

Cable designs will also be available for people who want to make there own or interface with other systems such as arcade machines.

Open Source

Development has been done in public and anyone can download the latest firmware or hardware design, modify it and build their own. Licensed under Creative Commons Non Commercial License.

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2 Player

Light­GunVerter supports two players light gun games. All you need is two cables and two Wiimotes.

Even single player games (all NES light gun games for example) can be played in Co-Op mode. It works by switching which Wiimote is active based on the last person to pull the trigger. Co-Op Duck Hunt is great fun!


Light­GunVerter allows loads of controls if you want to interface with something I haven't thought of.

Easy Firmware updates over WiFi

Optional separate sync input (eg. for using with RGB SCART)

Output delay circuitry (for systems/games with no gun calibration settings) Signal inverting (active high / active low) and serial output for more complex systems